Mattawan Science Olympiad

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Science Olympiad is an school-run organization dedicated to the expansion of STEM literacy across the country, state, and in local communities through competitions which test the olympian's abilities, strengths, and knowledge in science. Mattawan has a rich history of successful Science Olympiad teams that have charged into the State Tournament after having fought their way into the top four teams in our Region. Science Olympiad is composed of 23 events to teach students more about scientific subjects in categories such as Life Science, Earth/Space Science, Physical Science, Engineering/ Computer Science, and the Scientific Process.


Mattawan Science Olympiad has a Middle School Team -the B Team- and a High School Team -the C Team-, which are both generally successful at Regionals and go to the State Competition in most years. If you or your student has an interest in science and/or has proved to perform well in science assesments, they should absolutely consider joining our amazing program. To join contact the email at the bottom.


We have a variety of needs and with minimal funding coming our way recently. Please consider sponsoring a team. Information is shown below:

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